Since The Blues Began

Track List

1. Pretty Lady
2. How Long (Must I Wait For You)
3. Runnin' After You
4. About My Past
5. Since The Blues Began
6. I've Heard That Story Before
7. HeartbreakShack Up With Me
8. Let's Try To Talk It Over
9. Your Love Is All I Need
10. In The Same Old Way
11. The World Is Our Stage
12. You Mean Everything To Me

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Tommy Ridgley - vocals
Snooks Eaglin, Cranston Clements, Steve Blailock - guitar
Edward Frank, Sammy Berfect, David Torkanowsky - keyboards
Raymond Webber, Shannon Powell, Wilbert Arnold - drums
Mark Kazanoff, Tony Dagradi, Ward Smith - saxophones
Steve Howard - trumpet
Rick Trolsen - trombone

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